As long as I owe someone money…

Had a bit of a meltdown at work when I saw the hours for the week of the first. See, I have a comedy gig coming up, so I requested the first of May off. It’s not a major holiday, so apart from a lot of shoppers getting their EBT and WIC, there wasn’t going to be much need for my services as cart jockey that day.

Unfortunately, a certain woman does the schedule and she has a way of “punishing” people for taking any extra time off and I was left with 20 hours for that week. Even if you were to count the time and a half for that Sunday, there’s no way I could survive on twenty hours a week. I was able to land an extra shift, but I’d still have to pick up something else to even make that week worth working.

As if the hot fudge on this sundae wasn’t enough, the cherry was an old bill from a medical appointment two years ago that I still haven’t been able to pay… and my student loans are breathing down my neck again. You can see how hard it is to accept the positive things when something seems ready to kick me in the balls once my guard is down.

No bites on the line from Fiverr, but I put up a few offers for tarot readings. It may take another day or two before anyone even notices the listing, because Fiverr is saturated with psychic reading offers.


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