A Real Life Hack

Need a pair of shorts but can’t afford them? Got an old pair of pants and some scissors? Here’s what you do. Go down town and kill a tourist with the pair of scissors. Make sure it’s bloody. Take their cash and leave the scissors and the pair of pants. The police will instantly suspect the Crazed Pants Serial Killer and you will then be able to afford a new pair of shorts.

Seriously though, I took an old pair of khakis that I will likely never wear to work again and cut the legs off below the knee. Instant shorts. Socially acceptable and airy and now I all I need is a pair of flip flops so I can start enjoying the local beaches every now and again as the weather gets, hopefully, much, much warmer.

Whenever the bills are overwhelming or when it seems like I can’t win with people no matter how hard I try, little things like this make me feel like I’m in control. It’s like how I know I’m running low on food until payday, with only five more days to go. I still have most of a pepper stored, as well as some left over pasta and two whole packages of hot dogs. (I have more than that, but this is only focusing on one dish)

I cut up some of the pepper, threw that into boiling water with two cut up hotdogs. Then I threw in the remaining pasta and when I had drained it all I put some butter in the mix for flavoring. It’s nothing I would put in front of Gordon Ramsay, but it’s food that I made for myself and when I looked at the plate, I was happy with myself.


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