“Laundry Day, See You There, Underthings, Tumbling…”

Two weeks worth of laundry have finally been done and I will never let my dirty clothes pile up that long again. I’d like to say that I have some flower prose related to laundry day but at the moment I’m just, well, dry. It is a great time to rehearse my jokes, read, and just enjoy the hour of solitude that comes with the most necessary chore of washing one’s clothing. I do think I enjoy laundry more than others. Maybe it’s because I only have to wash clothes for. Or maybe because it can break up the day by being something that I have to go out of the house to do. Today was fairly uneventful otherwise, although my neighbor downstairs thinks his apartment may be infested with bedbugs again, so there’s that drama to deal with. But I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. The landlady will get another exterminator in and we’ll see what happens.

The Derby Bookstore on Essex Street in Salem has finally closed and the new owners are desperately trying to get this place cleaned out and suitable for their own new book store. If you have never been to this bookstore before, it’s basically an episode of Hoarders: The Business Edition. They obviously took an untold number of books from various sources over the many decades they had been in business and although the owners seemed to be able to find everything, the books were not arranged according to any known variation of the Dewey Decimal system or the alphabet of any known language spoken or dead. There were shelves, certainly, but then there were huge stacks of books on tables in such a small space and arranged in such a way as to make an OSHA trainee fresh out of orientation president of the whole organization with just an hour’s worth of work. I’m not criticizing it really, because for a used bookstore to be around as long as they were, the obviously had to be doing something right. If you looked hard enough, you might even find several autographed copies of the Bible sitting around.

Yesterday the new owners have been trying to get rid of the old stock as they try to ready the store for business. So they filled two shelves full of books and put them out in front of the store.

I scored a couple James Patterson novels and Timeline by the late Michael Crichton. I would have gotten more but I only had my messenger bag and it was pretty full as is. Still, I came out on the winning side I think with three good books and there are always going to be opportunities for free books in the future.


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