Bed Bugs 3: The Return

There have actually been four or separate attempts to exterminate bed bugs in this house. Tomorrow will be third attempt to remove them from the units downstairs and mine will be among the rooms sprayed. These little fuckers caused me no end of stress last summer and they’re the only small organism that I have zero sympathy for. I don’t care what purpose they play in the grand scheme of things, I want them out of my life.

That pleasant stuff out of the way, I never went through with the coffee shop yesterday. Originally the plan was to go down to the Walnut Street café and do the open mic, but as the day went by I just got more and more concerned that I really didn’t have much of a set planned.

There was an event I was supposed to participate in today and I had been practicing for it for a few weeks. The main advantage of this was that it was a new crowd in a different venue and so I could tell my old stuff and not worry about boring them to tears. When that was canceled, the Walnut Street Café was my backup plan.

The main problem is that this is a small café. They do this open mic every Wednesday and I’m not there enough to know who has already heard my stuff before, so even if I have one or two really good jokes that are new, most of my stuff is going to be what I’m familiar with and can confidently deliver.

So after sitting there for an hour and basically coming to the conclusion that I did not have a reasonable set to perform I just decided to cop out. Call me a quitter, but sometimes it’s better to quit while you’re ahead than to burn out all of your confidence on something you don’t believe will work out.


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