Tone Of The Day

Following the confusion of Thursday, almost everything in my house was bagged or otherwise secured before I left the house yesterday. When I found out that the exterminator was only making an initial run, I took a cab home after work so I could have time to unpack my bedding and my laptop and to clean the dishes I left in the sink. The guy is still coming by next week to spray, but in the meantime I can have some basic comforts.

Plugged the coffee pot back in and I also washed my griddle so that would be ready for breakfast the next morning. However, I did not think I would forget where I put the power supply that connects the griddle with the wall socket.

This morning I woke up twenty minutes past the alarm because with the fan running Warron Zevon’s Werewolves of London (my ring tone) isn’t enough to arouse me, apparently. But that was fine because I still had plenty of time to whip up breakfast and get ready to go to work. It took me about ten more minutes of searching before I realized that I would waste my entire morning looking for that power supply, so I skipped eggs this morning.

I boiled water in my kettle to make turkey bacon and I had some oatmeal which I only have because I ransacked the clearance rack at Market Basket last payday. (And I’ll be doing it again, so if you’re desperate for dirt cheap dented cans of carrots you’d best get to the store long before I do this coming Friday) My coffee and almond milk (which I also used in the oatmeal) made everything perfect. Nothing I’d put before Wolfgang Puck, but it broke my fast.

A few years ago, I would have felt like I had settled. The whole day would be judged by how a simple bit of confusion lead to a disappointing breakfast. But honestly, I didn’t feel cheated today. It was a series of circumstances that didn’t lead to what I might have wanted, but it was still an acceptable ending and I was happy with that. It didn’t effect the rest of my day either. If anything, choosing to see the positive aspects of what I had available was what really set the tone for the rest of the day.

I wonder if I could do this more often.


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