The Closepin Shift

The hardest part of taking an extra shift is that it is not always convenient. I’ve said before how I prefer a double shift to giving up a day off because with a double shift I’m already at the store. I don’t have to go through the hassle of going home, winding down, putting food in my body if applicable and then falling asleep only to have to wake up in three hours.

If this blog only ever gets a thousand readers I would be surprised if every tenth person did not work a closepin shift, or wasn’t familiar with the concept. For those of you who are lucky enough to get you’re eight hours, a closepin shift is when you close the night before and open the very next day. In retail this is inevitable and depending on where you work, at least 80% of your retail career is going to involve these shifts.

The only reason I landed this particular closepin is because I took my coworker’s shift when he placed it on the swap board. And the challenge of how I’m going to get home to get the fabled night of rest crept up as it always does when I’m busting my ass to get the parking lot cleared out. I’m really not the kind of guy who goes out of his way to ask every coworker with a car if they can give me a ride, because I know they’re tired as well and some of them have commutes that make mine look like a short sprint.

So the coworker who gave me a ride last night, thank you. I was able to get five hours of uninterrupted sleep and it was just the best.

That being said, I pulled a dick move yesterday. There was free chips and salsa in the break room. I don’t think it was a part of any planned day. Sometimes when a bunch of bags of chips are a day from going expired, they just load the break room up with the chips and let us have at it. By the time I got there I was hungry and I had about a half hour before I had to punch the clock. So I emptied the remaining chips from one bag into a bowl. That’s when Mike, the coworker I mentioned in The New List, entered the break room.

Mike: Oh cool, is it free chips and salsa day.

Me: (As I’m about to pour the salsa on my bowl) Well it was.

What followed was a slightly uncomfortable silence as I sat there eating my chips and salsa. Mike even tried to get another bag of chips requisitioned, but that’s always a tricky slope depending on who is in charge of the store at a given time. Some managers will gladly requisition things without question and others will gallantly defend the two dollars and eighty cents that our store apparently cannot afford to lose.

Mike was cool about it, but I could tell he was disappointed that he missed out on the chips. It didn’t really hit me until about an hour or so before closing that I hadn’t poured the salsa yet and there were plenty of bowls on the counter. So, I tracked him down.

Me: Mike, listen, I just realized I could have split the chips in half. So I apologize, because that was a dick move on my part.

Mike: Oh, don’t worry about it, I didn’t even think about that. I had donuts later so I’m happy.

Me: Now I feel worse, cause the chips and salsa were technically healthier.

Thus the closing portion of the closepin ended on a positive note. Here’s hoping the opening is as positive.


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