The Company Punching Bag

Contrary to popular belief, I leave my personal life at the time clock and bring my best into the store. But the downside of being so low on the totem pole is that coworkers have the tenancy to mistake me for a magical genie there to grant whatever wish comes to mind, or the recipient of their abuse.

The incident that happened yesterday afternoon is a small instance but it’s not the first and probably won’t be the last.

It was really warm outside and as Thursday is a pay day for many it was also busy. This was also the first of back to back double shifts, the second of which begins in a few hours after I make this post. However it was manageable as paydays go and I was able to get my first fifteen minute break in a reasonable amount of time.

Upon returning from break the customer service cashier politely asked me to retrieve an empty box from the backroom for salvage. By politely, I mean she actually acknowledged that if I was in the middle of doing other things that she could wait. Obviously I don’t mind running small errands when I’m not trying to keep the cart corrals filled, or otherwise occupied with the other necessary aspects of this job. So this was one of those times when it was not only a perfectly reasonable request, but it was actually showing me the rare bit of respect I’m given in this position.

I went to the backroom and searched the compactor first. There was a medium sized box that hadn’t been crushed yet, so I took that but I still wanted to find a slightly larger one to make the trip worth while. Receiving keeps a bunch of the Sterilite boxes tucked away in a small space and I’ve taken boxes from there before. This is where the tiny bit of respect got exchanged for a tiny bit of douchebaggary.

“Do you need boxes?” One of the backroom leads snapped at me. I say lead sparingly because there’s only a handful of people she can tell what to do and I’m not one of them. And lead or not, I don’t take kindly to being snapped at or spoken down to, so I replied,

“Yes I do. Is there a problem with that?”

“We usually use these for salvage!” As if I hadn’t been here for two years and wasn’t well aware of this fact.

“And that’s what I’m using it for,” I said, standing my ground. I would have gladly said as much in a more polite tone but I believe in giving as good as I get. There are times for turning the other cheek and this was not one of those times.


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