For the Last Time, Leave them (the Ducks) Alone

The ducklings hatched at last. As always there was a bit of a circus as people stopped to watch and take pictures the mother trying to get her newly hatched baby ducklings to safety. Suffice it to say, it took a while. At one point a couple of the ducklings got confused and began following people around while the mother was waiting at the mulch island across the street. People were even more confused by how much they were actually hindering the situation.

Mall security came to keep things under control. All I can say is that we were lucky it wasn’t a family of bears that made their nest in the planter.

I’m happy I was there to see it this time, as there was a lot of concern, mostly from me. The planter never got taped off, but people were mostly unaware she was even in the planter as the little pine tree obscured her well enough. Two of the eggs fell out of the nest at one point or another and I assume a predator got them, so to be quite frank I’m grateful this year didn’t have to end in tragedy.

I would like to give a shout out to the two drivers who were operating the Fire and Rescue truck from Danvers Fire and Rescue. A little girl dropped her shoe and neither she nor her father was aware of this. I went into the road to grab it and the guys who were driving the truck happened to be passing by and they ran their lights. When I apologized, because I thought I was blocking them from getting to an emergency, the driver just said, “You’re fine. We just wanted to make sure you didn’t get hit.”

Thank you guys.


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