World War B: Never Rested

There’s a communication blackout right now between myself and my landlady. My cellphone is out of minutes until next payday and she hasn’t caught on to the hip new trend that is e-mail, so I have no idea whether or not she is planning to come back to spray the place again.

Yesterday, before going to work, I put everything in boxes and bags, just in case that would be the day. Then I worked another double shift, both on the cash register but blissfully an hour and a half a part so that I could recover from the morning crowd in preparation for the evening crowd.

Unfortunately, when I got home, the bed was not in the traditional position on the floor, meaning the guy hadn’t flipped it over to spray. So it wasn’t last night and I have no idea if the land lady is still planning to spray again or when. And my place still looks like I either just moved in or I’m planning to move out.


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