An Afternoon In the Granite State

Yesterday was the first day off in a six day bender. Yes, a week of closepin and back-to-back double shifts has the same mental and physical health ramifications as a bender. After all, when I woke up in my own place yesterday morning I had someone else’s keys in my pocket. They were the keys to the cart pusher and I have to return them sometime this weekend, but that’s not the point.

My friend, Gibbons, was up in New Hampshire doing some work for his son this past week and when his girlfriend, my neighbor, Irene announced that she was going up there to pick him up and bring him back to Salem, I asked if could come along. She agreed because the alternative was to drive to New Hampshire for two hours by herself, so I did the best job of being only slightly less useful than a cheap swap meet GPS knock off by trying to read the directions to get us to Gibbons’ son’s place.

On the way up, we stopped at a rest station just over the border where we stretched our legs.


While the rest of the rest stop was still under construction, this liquor store was fully operational and open 24/7 proving that we were in the “Live Free Or Die” State more effectively than any simple border sign. While Irene used the facilities, I went inside to see what they had for snacks, expecting there to be some peanuts, soda, slim jims, or the kinds of things you’d generally expect to find in a liquor store. But they didn’t even have lemons or limes, let alone these things. Just wall to wall DUI bait.

There was no motel here, or a restaurant, and the nearest exit was still a ways off. So kudos to the planning department for saying, “You know what travelers really want along this busy interstate highway? Booze.”

We got some snacks from the vending machine and before long we were in the town where Gibbon’s son’s home was located. It took a few minutes longer than it should have to find the place. I was mentally stuck on one specific street and there was a TD Bank I could have looked for, but it was so obscured that I didn’t notice it until we passed by after calling Gibbons to confirm the directions.

The house was located deep in the mountains on a winding road called Overlook Drive, which mostly overlooked vast tree regions. The house was pretty cool though.


The kid in me wanted to go exploring in the woods for a bit. You could see a clearing at the edge of the forest and I wanted to get a picture of it, but there was a small stream running by the property and I didn’t know how muddy the bank was or the rest of the forest floor, so I held back.


The drive back was fairly uneventful, but the day ended when Gibbons made an excellent BLT and chicken noodle pasta dinner. Alas I did not take a picture of the food, as I was a bit tired last night. Still not a bad way to spend a day off.


2 thoughts on “An Afternoon In the Granite State

  1. Elaine

    Love the description of you as a swap meet GPS…LOL, I’m kind of charmed to see people actually still write out directions (or at least text them)

  2. Nathanielle Sean Crawford Post author

    Some of them were printed out and she made notes on the back of one of the pages. Wasn’t a bad town to get lost in though. There was a nursing home right beside a busy street and I questioned the motives of family members placing their loved ones in such a home. :p


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