What About Second Breakfast? Alternate Title: Taco Bell, stick to what you’re good at, please.

There’s no doubt that cutting McDonalds and Burger King out of my diet forever has made a massive improvement on my health. I still eat out, occasionally. Preferably at diners or places where I can either see the food being made fresh or can at least confidently determine that the owners(s) is not trading sexual favors with the health inspector.

I’ve actually worked at Taco Bell before. I know their policies and it’s still not the healthiest place to eat, but it is healthier than McDonalds if for no other reason than they throw some vegetables in their food. Whatever, this was the only time in all of 2014 that I have eaten fast food and Taco Bell has a breakfast menu now. And I already walked up hill to do some early morning grocery shopping and I now have some moderately heavy grocery bags full of canned soups that I would soon be walking home with. If you didn’t get the deceptively subtle meaning of this post’s alternative title, let me provide you a link to a fairly accurate but not safe for work depiction of any of the customers who would choose Taco Bell for their breakfast options.

Who Also Loves Taco Bell’s New Breakfast?

Lets start with the idea of Taco Bell being open before 11 AM. I’m open to new experiences but there was a creepiness to being in the dining area so early in the day. The staff still seemed thrown by the concept as well, because no one was at or near the register until I had been staring at the menu for a few minutes. One or two people were running the drive-thru window, but other than that, it was pretty much dead in the entire place.

I went with the waffle taco. With bacon. Yes, I know, back off I’m not a saint. But my biggest mistake was definitely ordering the coffee. Say what you will about Burger King or McDonalds, but on either side of the Taco Bell location where I was currently ordering said coffee, were a number of flavor options for a dollar a cup at any size. For a 1.49 plus tax I could enjoy “regular” coffee at Taco Bell.

So I ordered the coffee with a teensy bit of sugar and a little bit of cream. The guy asked me how much cream I would like, wording it, “How many pumps?”

“Do you have the little pods so I could just add it myself?”

“No, man, we have it like this.” He proceeded to go into the tiny coffee area and produce a large bottle of Coffee Creamer with the pump. This actually led me to wondering where the confusion was coming from, because I had said a little bit of cream. The pump handle was pretty long and though I can’t be certain, I would guess that a fair amount more than a “little” would come from one full pump.

It also puzzled me how they would not think to include creamer pods in the same area where they have the sauces and other fast food accessories displayed in the dinning area. My first sip really made me wish I had just gone to McDonalds for their coffee. How bad do you have to screw up coffee to make McDonalds taste better?

The waffle taco isn’t winning any awards with me either. No more to say about it than that really, except that my only saving grace is that I have been engaged in some physical activity this week, so at least the damage was not permanent.


2 thoughts on “What About Second Breakfast? Alternate Title: Taco Bell, stick to what you’re good at, please.

    1. Nathanielle Sean Crawford Post author

      I’m sure there’s a few things I might actually like. I’m sure it was just one bad experience, I guess I just really think they’re going overboard with competing with McDonalds and Burger King when Taco Bell already has something that either of those places don’t have.


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