An Invisible Kick Me Sign

Apparently I signed up for a morning shift sometime in the past week and forgot about it. So when I showed up for work yesterday, I was surprised to find No Call, No Show next to my name. Not a big deal, it happens and I don’t have a record for not showing up for shifts without calling. The front end manger was clear that this was not that big a deal.

However the two front end supervisors just below her have the tenancy to rub salt into my wounds either way. So I’m dreading Monday and not just because it’s a major holiday where the store will be packed with last minute barbecue shoppers. Today is going to be another recharge day, complete with putting groceries away (the canned ones, obviously) and maybe going for a walk into Beverly for the exercise.

Yesterday was even more difficult when I saw that the opening cart jockey left a huge mess for me to clean up, taking up an hour of time I could have been spending getting carts into the building. You could easily give him a pass because it was busy, except that I was in the store a few hours before my evening shift began so I could do some grocery shopping. The corrals on either side of the store were never empty in that three or four hour space of time that I was there and so it wasn’t a stretch to believe that he could have found time to empty the hanger bins and take care of the trash.

This particular cart jockey annoys me most because he’s the kind of person who knows he’s getting away with screwing off on the clock. Texting on company time, for example, because no one in the store ever pays attention to what’s going on in the parking lot. So this kid can take his sweet time doing whatever the hell he feels like because they just assume he’s doing what he’s supposed to be doing.

It wouldn’t annoy me so much, except that he began as a seasonal employee almost a year ago. When he started on, he was full of enthusiasm and he worked really hard, so I pushed for him to get hired permanently. This is how he thanks me.


2 thoughts on “An Invisible Kick Me Sign

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