So Sorry for the Inconvenience

Generimart has an online survey that allows customers to tell us about their experience. In the past year, corporate has really put the pressure on us to try to get people to take this survey by either having them do it in the store or simply emphasizing the minute chance of winning a gift card of an untold amount.

Every two weeks or so the comments left by customers on the survey are posted in the employees only area for all of us to read. Some of the responses are encouraging and filled with praise. Others are legitimate complaints like dealing with rude cashiers, or not being able to find something that should be reasonably easy. Still more are ridiculous and sometimes entertaining, leading me to believe that this person has never complained about anything before and was simply giving it a try at the urging of a therapist or a loved one. This particular example was from this most recent compilation and it shows just how  people can be.

If you’re new to the blog and you don’t know why I’m being so vague about certain details, it’s for the sake of obfuscation. If I let something slip, or you somehow guess where I work, please keep it to yourself. Keeping that in mind, this example is not verbatim because I don’t feel like explaining myself to corporate watch dogs, who make it their business to know what employees are saying about the company online.

“I was looking for Coppertone SPF 15. You were out so, I had to buy the 30 instead.”

This doesn’t sound like a big complaint, until you see that the customer ticked the “missing product” option on their survey, indicating that they were not satisfied that they couldn’t find their SPF 15. So… you’re complaining because your chances of developing melanoma are slightly lower now?

Maybe this person was working on a tan, or maybe 15 was all they could afford. If any of that is true, there are cheaper brands available in the same section as the Coppertone. Like I said, this is just a small sample but if I posted some of the others, eventually you would believe I was making this stuff up.


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