My Heart Was the only Race that Concerned Me

Dear Sir,

It is unlikely you will read this. But if you do, please take this as a simple critique over your behavior last night. The reason you made me nervous and uncomfortable is not because you were black, although you seemed convinced that was the case as you shouted after me how “sick” I was making you as you proceeded to follow me after I shunned your attentions.

The fact of the matter is, I do not have eyes in the back of my head. But when someone is walking so close to me that they could give me a backrub, on an empty street at one in the morning, it does tend to make a person just a teensy bit nervous. When you do so without announcing your presence or intentions, it can also make a person nervous. Since I could not see you, the Race Card does not apply in this case. Having seen the color of your skin, it did not in anyway change how uncomfortable I was when you began hurling accusations at me, as I did not know if you were high or drunk and whether or not any response on my part was going to trigger a violent episode.

In the future, when it seems like you are making someone uncomfortable, apologize, move on and shut the fuck up. Do not proceed to follow them when you have made them so uncomfortable that they turn around and try to find a different route home. Because if that person, namely me, manages to locate a police cruiser, you are going to look all the more suspicious for acting like a fucking moron at one in the morning.


Your Fellow Citizen


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