Am I Stealing Fitness?

Gyms are expensive. Please don’t flood my comments section with your gym and the rates you pay. The point is that with my budget it wouldn’t be worth the time and effort to vet every single venue with a weight room and a slogan. So I have been making an effort to incorporate more exercise into my day to day life, as opposed to just picking one hour of the day to do some hardcore work out.

There has been a positive result. On weighing myself recently, I discovered that I have been losing a significant amount of weight just by changing my diet and exercising.

One of the exercises I do is to go into the health and fitness section of Generimart on my breaks and before I’m scheduled to punch in and do a few reps. The endorphin rush is great afterwards and I’m always full of more energy as a result of the extra activity. But the last time I stepped on the scale got me to thinking: Am I technically stealing?

Kids play with toys in the store all the time. The interactive items have batteries in them and you can push the “demo” button. You can also play with the bouncy balls and sometimes kids push around the toy shopping carts without a single dime being exchanged. But is there any quantifiable difference in the child’s life that would turn such an activity into a service that needs to be paid for?

I lift the weights at work. I don’t buy the weights, but there is a verifiable difference in my health right there on my bathroom scale.


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