“Give Me My Name!” 2

Twice in a row I had forgotten about a shift I signed up for. There could be any number of reasons why I did not have the shift on my cellphone, suffice it to say that I know I dropped the ball and this is not an attempt at blame shifting over the no call, no shows. By the way, here is the mention of the first incident: An Invisible Kick Me Sign.

Just like I said before, the opening manager who is also responsible for the whole front end of the store, did not write me up or give any kind of verbal warning. She said, “It happens. It’s fine.”

For the exact same reason you don’t apologize when you’re involved in a car accident (look at your insurance card, or ask your insurance provider if you don’t believe me) I rightly assumed that this meant there would be no further repercussions for that incident. However, because I was also a no call, no show yesterday, a different opening manager called me in to write me up.

The first instance last week was mentioned. The manager and supervisor who were responsible for issuing the write-up assured me that the first one was not going to count as a warning, but and I’m quoting the supervisor who said this,  “As far as I know.”

“Is that in stone?” I asked. “Because I’m not signing a write-up notice only to get slapped with another one because ‘as far as I know'”.

“We won’t know that until (Human Resources Manager) gets back in the store. So if could just sign here.”

“I’m not signing it,” I said. “Not until she gets here.”

They didn’t send me home and “as far as I know” the rest of my week will run like normal. Not sure what will happen if I refuse to sign it when the HR manager speaks to me on Wednesday but if you take nothing else from this story then take this: Never sign anything until you know what you’re being held responsible for.


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