During Pride Month No Less

There were two coupon cards in the parking lot this morning for one free item at Chick-fil-a. It’s a three month promotion, with one item per month. So if I play my cards right, that’s four free meals between today and the end of July. So as long as they’re free and I didn’t do anything to earn them other than pick them up off the ground, I didn’t betray the LGBT community, so there. My eating a delicious free chicken wrap has no bearing on what side of the wrap my dressing was on.

Moving on.

Job openings are posted in the employee area, above the schedule. All the openings are internal of course, because other stores in the Generimart chain can find their own people. Well actually, you have to go online to find openings at other stores, but I have no plans to leave this particular Generimart as it’s a high volume store even during the holiday dead zone.

For the past two months, they’ve had an opening for another cart jockey. Just one opening that I know of, but the other day I found out that the position must have been filled because the opening was no longer on the list. When I asked when I would get to meet the new cart jockey, I was told there were would actually be two new people.

In the words of Sam Beckett, “Oh, boy.”

You already know my concerns over this dumbass. We also had another new guy who lasted almost six weeks because he literally believed that no one would notice if he hid in the bathroom all day or hung out in the break room when he was supposed to be working. Those are just the two recent editions to our crew. The two guys they fired after I came along could be summed up in a short sentence: Always late for work and crashed the cart pusher into someone’s car.

Of the other cart jockey’s, I miss one guy in particular. He had his shit together, as evidenced by the fact that he found another job and gave his two week’s notice after transferring to a position in the cafeteria and finally saying (internally, I’m guessing) “fuck it all”. If you read this, know that you are missed and I don’t blame you for leaving.

Now, two new mysteries hang over my head. Will these guys put the effort in? Will I grow frustrated as myself and the two other cart jockeys each take turns training the new people, each in our own way, never really agreeing on one particular way to gather the carriages and do all of the other tasks on our list?

Trust me. The frustrations can only mount and if you read yesterday’s rant then you understand that I’m on the brink at this point and ready to go down head first if needs be. It may seem superfluous, but wish me luck.


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