No Need to Heat

The ideal lunch is one that takes seconds to prepare, so that I have roughly twenty five minutes to do whatever I feel like. Pretty much anything that comes in a can falls into this category, as long as it doesn’t require a bowl, water, or any time in a microwave.

Until a few weeks ago, Chef Boyardee, or it’s store brand equivalent, and a can of some vegetable fell under this category, as all I needed was a can opener and a fork. But recently it occurred to me that Progresso soups do not require water and are in fact complete meals right from the can. They are also loads healthier than the allegedly Italian cuisine, having actual vegetables and thus helping me get my five a day.

Unfortunately Progresso has the disadvantage of being a dollar or two more expensive than Chef Ramsay’s Shooting Range cans, so the only way I can ever really afford the healthier alternative is when it’s on clearance, or, as is the case with last night, a friend’s mom unloads a bunch of stuff on to me because she’s the sweetest person on Earth.


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