Keep Earning That Fare Hike MBTA

My shoes were in desperate need of repair. Since shoe repair is more expensive than buying new shoes, I decided to buy new ones. Unfortunately, Generimart only carries shoes for men who never leave the house for more than a few hours a day, so I had to go to one of our competitors. Because there is always the chance that unforeseeable circumstances may cause me to lose my job, I am also going to obscure this place as well and again, I ask you to save you deductions for high profile criminal investigations.

There are two Majormart in walking distance, if you have the time. The bus only goes to the one in Salem. Majormart does have quite a few things that are cheaper than Generimart. The brand of shoes I need that actually last a good six months in the course of a typical day in my life are only twenty dollars at Majormart, so this warranted a trip.

I got on the bus because I did wake up late and traffic is bad enough on Highland Avenue in the morning. Yes, that Highland Avenue. It’s been a while since I have taken this particular bus, so I wasn’t familiar with all of the stops and I wasn’t sure how far Majormart was from the Salem Generimart location as the plazas were both on the same highway, with Majormart being closer to the Lynn border. Usually when you pull the cord or push the stop button the driver doesn’t actually stop until he is at one of the signs indicating a stop. This time, however, when I pushed the button the guy didn’t actually drop me off at an actual bus stop.

The actual plaza was a good mile and half further and he didn’t even drop me off anywhere that could be construed as a “place people go”. It’s doubly inconvenient by the fact that the sidewalk does actually end on this road, which flies in the face of my usual praise of Massachusetts for actually having sidewalks in areas where other States would say “Fuck Pedestrians”.

Your first instinct might be to defend the bus driver. He didn’t know where I was going, specifically, even though Majormart is an actual bus stop and that was most likely, but he could have asked. “Hey, do you mean here, or at the next stop?” I suppose I could have said something too, but how many times have you gotten off the bus in the wrong place? It could happen to anyone and there are certainly instances where dropping someone off in the wrong place could be dangerous, especially next to a busy highway that is a hotbed of construction activity as well as car crashes on an almost daily basis.

So yeah, I could have said something and he could have said something as well. As the paying customer, however, I’m not the one hoping for more happy riders to justify the extra fifty cent raise in bus fare that goes into effect on July, 1st. If I were the bus drivers, I would be praying that that one percent loss in revenue that the corporate lab monkeys have predicted, doesn’t get any higher because of their lousy attitudes and their lackadaisical approach to getting us where we need to be.


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