Espresso Shots: A Guest Spot By Zeek61

On one of the forums I frequent, I posted a poll asking people whether they feel hot or cold coffee is more effective. This response was very informative and with the permission of the author, Zeek61, I have used it as my blog’s very first guest post, with some editing to make it concise and shiny.

I just like a good cup of coffee in the morning. I find that coffee doesn’t really tend to wake me up that much, it is more the warm beverage that helps me. On days where I am really out of it [like back to back double third and first shifts] coffee does give me a little bit of a boost and I have begun having triple shot espressos.

People tend to have misconceptions about how coffee should be consumed. If you want the healthiest option, then black coffee is the best. But as soon as you add milk or sugar you pretty much make a healthy drink into something that is the worst for you, such as adding the fat from the dairy milk and processed sugar. I do still drink my coffee with full cream milk, but I tend to not use sugar. If I need my coffee a little sweet, I prefer that it be unprocessed. Although vanilla lattes tend to have just enough sweetness that I don’t have to bother with sugar.

The other thing is that unless you have your own coffee machine (+ grinder and supply of varying beans) then it can be hard to appreciate good coffee. Most places you buy coffee from use a café dark roast. There tends to only be two or three different kinds that a café may use and then they’ll pick one and stick with it for cost reasons. The only time you might have a difference is when you go to a specialty café. So most of the differences you will taste between coffee places is more just the skill of the barrister and the way they grind their coffee. It is amazing how much difference in flavor you can get buy altering the grind, water pressure, volumes used, etc. It is quite an art to get a good cup of coffee, as I have discovered by experimenting with my own espresso machine

Also, if you want a coffee that has the most punch then you should really be looking for coffee that is a lighter roast then the usual dark roast that is used. The reason why a dark roast is used is because the flavor is not as bitter and thus there are more people that are able to stand the taste of it. A lighter roast has more caffeine but the trade off is that it is also significantly more bitter.

It’s a lot of fun to try out different blends/roasts/grinds/styles of coffee. Coffee is great, so try some of the other blends and you may find that they give you a better kick.


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