World War B Has Reached My Shores

The last two or three nights I have awakened to find bite marks all over my legs. It’s not just one or two, rather, it’s like a Greek family reunion down there. So the spraying wasn’t sufficient to keep them out of my place for long and now they’re swarming my bed.

Here’s the thing. The guy who had the worst of the infestation called foul, so the land lady rented a POD so that he could put all of his crap in there so the exterminator could actually spray in his place. The POD is still there and it’s empty and this guy makes me extremely uncomfortable for reasons I don’t want to go into, so helping him move his stuff is not an option.

I know that POD isn’t cheap. What’s worst is that this guy has been giving her a hard time for quite a while. He’s drama queen and if you think I’m bad, done your favorite Hazmat suit and sit in his apartment for an hour just to listen to him rant and rave. He had a health inspector visit way back in the early days of World War B and now he’s planning to sue the land lady.

The world is such a big and fluffy place, isn’t it?

Today I will be doing a five minute set at the Walnut Street Café in West Lynn. If you’re in the area, I’d love to see you. There’s some slam poetry, prose and I will be telling jokes. Stop in and drink some great coffee and have some great sandwiches. West Lynn is an are you actually don’t mind leaving your car in, although there may be an underground organ smuggling ring going on in the more rural parts of town.

Fair warning, this may not be my most rehearsed set. I will be treating this like the open mic that it is, but the point is that I’m regaining my confidence slowly and trying to get myself back out there. So don’t be put off if I’m looking at the book every few seconds, trying to find my place.


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