An Unwitting Call to Arms?

Violence against law enforcement and school shootings seem to be happening every day, if not every week. Blame shifting and finger pointing are the natural result, but I have to wonder if the surge we’ve experienced isn’t in part a result of the media attention each of these instances are receiving.

Certainly, I want to know what’s going on. If something happened in Vermont or Alabama for example, I’d want to know about it because I want to know if my loved ones are okay, as long as the news casters don’t horribly fail as they did during the Sandy Hook incident, throwing out random theories and bits and pieces of information without the slightest bit of concern for the people who are actually being effected by this incident. But at the same time you have to consider this.

You have some isolated kid, or some mentally ill person with little contact with the outside world. The Internet and television are their only means of social interaction. Suddenly there’s a news item about a school shooting that gets worldwide attention because of the speed in which the global media makes this information available and that becomes an unwitting call to arms for the next guy who feels that the best way to please the voices in his head is to open fire on a school.

There are tons of factors of course. In the end, no one but the actual shooter is responsible for their actions and we can debate it until the end of time. This is just one aspect of all of the violence we have been seeing that I think has gone largely ignored because it’s easier to find something intangible to blame.


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