Bikers… a little consideration?

Three times in one week I have been walking along, minding my own business, only to hear the crank of a bike chain and feel the rush of air as a biker blew past me without any warning.

A couple of times, I had no idea where they were coming from. So I froze, because I know from history that as fast they tend to go, if you take a step to the wrong side of the sidewalk you can wind up with a BMX up your ass. Fortunately I only know this because I’ve had plenty of kids ram into me and have not actually had a fully grown biker hit me, thank god. There are plenty of people out there who are making a good effort though.

There’s not a lot of leeway I’ll give Vermont, but I will say this: the bikers In Burlington were a lot more considerate. Whether you were on the bike path, which is not exclusively for bikers but for anyone who wants a nice scene walk along side Lake Champlain, or on the sidewalk where bikers aren’t even technically supposed to be riding, they always managed to call out, “On your left!” or “On your right!” So that you could at least stand still, or move to the appropriate side to avoid finding out that your insurance doesn’t cover spinal surgery.

Not once since I have moved to Salem has a single biker rang their bell or shouted out a simple warning that they were coming. I wonder if I get hit, will it wind up being my fault somehow?


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