The Cash Register is My Improv Stage

One of the things I wish I could do is to just set up a camera at the register when I’m ringing customers out, because the best laughs I get are from individual customers.

A woman brought three different brands of apple juice through my line and some small apple juice boxes. She also had apple pie. While she was swiping her card and I was bagging her things, I had her rolling with this.

Me: Well ma’am, I see you have everything you need to make the big apple cider brewery cotillion a success. Bottles of apple juice and boxes of apple juice incase you run out of bottles of apple juice. I see you also have an apple pie, but you are missing the apple fritters, apple donuts, candy apples, dried apple chips, freeze dried apple chips, and apple cinnamon-”

The line is where I come to life. People actively seek me out when I’m on the register because they know I will make them laugh. I only want to replicate this success when I go before a microphone to do comedy.


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