Let Freedom Whine and then Passive Aggressively Shame The People Trying to Protect You

This is a rare double post day, but since it’s a holiday, I thought I’d end the day on a productive note by sharing a parent of the year story with you.

I told a little girl not to stand on the kiddy in a cart in a way that would blatantly lead to permanent injury. She got down, but then she pouted and glared at me. Then she began slowly breathing deeply and then crying the way someone does when they realize their bubble has been burst.

Her Dad: *In chiding tone* Oh, she’s going to tell you off now.
Me: *thinking* Okay, maybe you would prefer if I let her hit her head on the floor?

The mother soon joined the family as I was finishing ringing them out and the girl ran to mommy and continued her bleat fest. Don’t even sympathize with the girl. The mom mumbled something about how I didn’t want her to get hurt, but the general gist from parental units was that I was big, bad meanie for telling off their precious snowflake.

A couple things to consider, these kiddy carts have seatbelts for a reason. And twice I have been working on a day when a child has been hurt falling out of these things. The first time was when a parent placed a child who was clearly too young to fit safely in the seatbelt and the boy was nearly strangled when he slipped through. Secondly, this is a day that’s pretty much synonymous with crowded emergency rooms. I just stupidly thought the parents would appreciate my looking after their child… you know, like they should have been doing.


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