Extra, Extra!

A few months ago, I signed up for Boston Casting; a local company that contracts with directors and filmmakers to hire extras. At around ten PM on Wednesday I got a call, asking if I would be available to work in Beverly. The location was literally right over the bridge from me. Here was the dilemma, I also had to work at Generimart from 8:30 to 1. Basically four and a half hours.

If you do the math, I make 9.30 an hour at Generimart, because they continue to stiff their hardworking employees for things like reasonable raises. At the end of a ten hour day on this set, I made forty dollars more than I would have made if I played it safe and went to work. And most of that day, I just had to sit and wait in the holding area and eat salty turkey, salty corned beef and watermelon. I won.

To be clear, I did call work as soon as I agreed to take the background job, so I gave them plenty of notice that I was going to take this opportunity and that they would need to find another cashier. Granted it was the night before and they had just closed, but I followed policy which is the important thing. It’s not the important thing but who cares. This is how I play it out in my mind:

I could have gone to work and said, “Hey, you’ll never guess what I was doing twelve hours ago. Yeah, it was the exact same thing you were doing because we both work in the same place.”

As opposed to today, when I can now go into work and say, “Hey yeah, I was an extra for a scene from a production I can’t go into a lot of detail about because I want to work for these people again in the future.”

Sounds like a much more interesting day, doesn’t it?


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