I Suck at Mind Games

They tell you that you just have to suck it up and keep going back to work every single day. Sometimes I truly admire people who can take the abuse from their coworkers and customers every single day and not let it get to them, because I know they have bigger responsibilities and that every second on the clock can mean the difference between feeding your kids and poverty.

My problem is that I’m not one of those people. I can only endure so much and I have endured a lot. I’m sure this post will trigger a slue of competitive responses, trying to tell me how stupid I am for not allowing Generimart to bat me around like a cat toy. But the bottom line is that I quit my job yesterday. Fortunately, I do not have children and will never have to worry about another person being dependent on me enough to worry about a month or two of unemployment.

I’m not going to go into all of the details. All I will say is that for the time being, I am going to maintain the obfuscation as long as I can still use the reference. The beauty part about living in Massachusetts is that although they tax the hell out of us, they’re also surprisingly supportive of employees and there are generally more advantages to a person who can maintain some semblance of dignity.


5 thoughts on “I Suck at Mind Games

    1. Nathanielle Sean Crawford Post author

      Judging from the grammar and the excellent choice of screennames, I’m guessing you’ve never worked a day in your life. I’ll worry about what goes in my blog and you worry about what you tell your therapist so you can get your extra Jello cup.

  1. Nathanielle Sean Crawford Post author

    I know I have my flaws, I don’t pretend not to. But Generimart is not a perfect place and if you believe otherwise then you either don’t work there, or you do work there but you’re one of those under qualified people who got promoted to a position you have no place being in.

    Any place that uses the Peter Principle to select its management is always going to have Peter’s support. I don’t care who you are. You obviously weren’t there the nights that I managed to own the room. You haven’t worked with me for the two straight years I was with Generimart. You don’t know about the customers I satisfied or the other coworkers who loved working with me but could no longer handle the horrible way the upper management was treating them. You don’t know about the double shifts I had to pull just to make ends meet, including those times where I got very little sleep, but I still managed to keep a smile on my face and make the experience for the customers a pleasant one.

    I accept the fact that you probably were at one of the open mics I performed at. One, by your admission. It’s a big area, people came from all over. Of course, you could just as easily have seen one of my videos, so your words still mean nothing to me because by your own admission, you’re speaking from very little experience. So you caught me on a bad night? Big fucking deal. Oh, I have a long way to go? Thanks for the advice Dane Cook.

    The fact that you have to hide behind an anonymous name is all the more reason why I don’t even take you seriously. I don’t care if you turn out to be someone I greatly admire in disguise. I don’t care if you show up at one of my open mics to heckle me. I don’t care if you’re secretly the boss at one of the many places I submit an application to over the next week or so, because you are so far beneath my notice that this is the last moment I’m going to allow you to take of my time.

    1. dare

      good choice of words mate šŸ™‚ don’t let anybody discourage you!!! I support what you’re doing here and anybody who gets their jollies from internet bullying has displayed their character. No need to trash ’em back they showed up looking like garbage šŸ˜›


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