There Are Ways To Make Certain Things Pay

My camera sucks at taking beautiful pictures of the moon. Trust me though, the view on Derby Wharf of the full moon shimmering on the ocean, with people in meditation, making out, fishing, and just enjoying the beautiful summer evening was enough to make me forget that I am currently unemployed.

Although I did spend some time today filling out job applications, I came very close to sleeping away this evening. I would have missed the rare Supermoon and I would have regretted it deeply. Because it reminded me that I love living in Salem.

We can wax responsibility and I’m sure someone will eventually rub it into my wounds that I had bills to pay and I should have made it work with Generimart. But the fact of the matter is, working there was destroying my will to live. What good is paying off every cent I owe everyone if I only want to swallow a bottle of pills the next day? No, I will definitely find something else. This is only day one and Generimart is not going to win this battle of wits.


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