The Job Search Continues

The places I know I could survive in all have online applications. That wouldn’t be so much of a problem if any of them had in-store kiosk, but even the ones that do are slow as hell. I don’t have an iPhone or a tablet, so that forces me to go home and apply online.

Here’s the downside, in my view. I think the main advantage of someone coming into the store to apply for a job is that you get a chance to vet people before they even apply. Is he wearing a dirty shirt, torn pants, and does he smell like designer Ass? That’s probably a sneak preview of your days of meeting him at the time clock. Does he dress nicely but is he a dick when he asks if you have a job opening? Does she give you a hard time when you tell her to fill out the application and you’ll get back to her? Drop them.

But the online application has no such limitations. If I ever showed up for an interview dressed the way I am in the morning when I get online, I’d get TASERED and hauled away in the paddy wagon.

So I spent much of yesterday walking from Saugus to Salem to find jobs and got a few ideas. This morning I spent most of the day applying to those same places online. It’s a cruel world, but oh well, I updated my resume and took a few assessment tests. Go team me.


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