A moment of silence for my beard



The new company, henceforth know as “SaberSave” did not have the actual uniform on site. So until that comes in they told me to wear a white polo shirt with black pants. Black pants are a part of the uniform and yesterday I made the mistake of wearing a red shirt to my orientation.

Fortunately, I was not the only member of a landing crew surrounded by any of the lead actors, so I made it out alive. Although this morning, I made the decision to completely remove my beard.

Unfortunately, on the way home, someone mistook me for an employee of Generimart and proceeded to ask me if, “You’re injured and you work for Generimart, will they still pay you if you had to stay home?”

The guy was on crutches with a busted leg, and sitting on a porch that I strongly doubt belonged to his house. And he was a bit of a tweak, leading me to believe that he genuinely expected a company to hire him on the spot and not actually require him to do any work.

I assured him that I did not work for that store and made my way home. The irony of the conversation wasn’t lost on me.



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