Day One Is Complete

Officially I am not a Cart Jockey. My main function is to be a jack of all trades and at the moment, that trade is to be the guy who makes the shelves look pretty. As previously mentioned, I will be doing my level best not to use terms specific to the company, so if you still manage to Sherlock the name of my workplace I would appreciate it if you kept it to yourself.

The first few hours of my shift went by smoothly because there was someone guiding the action. Telling us when we could move on, etc. When I’ve been in a place long enough, I can take initiative because I know what’s expected but it gets stressful when the person who has been calling the shots walks away and you’re sort of baptized by fire.

The other person working with me was also starting that day and he’s 17. I should be more patient with a kid starting at his first job but my cup of “kids starting their first job” overflowed at Generimart, so you’ll have to forgive me if I became a little annoyed last night when I returned from my break and I was the only one of the two of us actually doing any work.

I mean it, for forty-five minutes I was the only one making an aisle look good while he walked back and forth, checked his cellphone and occasionally did something to look like he was working. For what it’s worth, I only quietly pointed this out to the night manager as opposed to freaking out. I can’t thank my potassium supplements enough for keeping my anxiety levels at an all time low.

Let’s hope today goes smoother.


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