My First True Inspiration

In early January I bought tickets to a comedy show. The year before that I searched for Heckler Videos and the one name that dominates the search engines is one Steve Hofstetter. While I was taking my comedy course in October 2013, I think I watched every single video on his channel and I was consistently impressed with the near surgical precision with which he deals with hecklers.

By the time February of 2014 rolled around I was pumped. I took my friend Elise to the Hard Rock Café and treated her to dinner and for the first time in my life, I had seen someone that I admired from afar, in the flesh.

As a kid you collect your heroes, growing up. One thing that has remained consistent in my life is that I always admire the men and women who built themselves from the ground up, like Chef Ramsay, Bear Grylls, Anne Rice, Melville Bissel, etc.

Steve Hofstetter was as funny in person as he was on Youtube. And of course there was an incredibly drunk woman who had to feel important and lo and behold, she sat two tables to the left of me. But that was fine because it did not ruin my experience. And that night I did something I would never have done four years ago: I walked up to him after the show, shook his hand, looked him in the eye, and began bumbling like and idiot for ten solid minutes. But, he was so accessible and personable that I didn’t seem to bother him all that much.

In fact, he remembered a special request I made and on the very next episode of his podcast, High Confidence, Lo Self Esteem: Featuring Danny Jolles, Camilla Cleese and special guest Don Friesen.

So now is a great honor to be able to thank him in this small way, by guiding my slowly building base of readers to watch the very first episode of what will be a very, very, very long running series which I one day hope to be worthy of adding to my credits. If you did not get to watch this on the Fox stations on which it aired, check out this video, like subscribe and share with your friends.



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