The Dangers of Debating on a Minecraft Server

Really this should apply to any form of online debate period. The main rule of debating online is: Don’t. Save your sanity, because it’s no different than trying to discuss the merits of the Affordable Health Care act with a room full of sixth graders. You’re dealing with varying levels of aptitude but the world view is still heavily limited and is likely not going to change until their brains have developed more.

To sum it up, a couple of gamers were discussing the new Superman movie and the conversation turned towards Wonder Woman and the actress Gal Godot. I’m going to refer to the “debaters” as Kyle and Stan.

Kyle said something along the lines of Gal Godot being a bad actress. I asked if he had seen any of her stuff. He admitted he had not but that he had seen her interviews and she looked “Stoned”. Admittedly, I took some umbrage with this, because it’s not a flattering comment however you slice it.

Everyone has those days when they can’t visually express themselves. Maybe they’re tired, or sick and being mobile requires all the energy they have and there’s always some asshole who is feeling perfectly fine, got plenty of sleep the night before, and never was to worry about anything, who has to tell you how “stoned” you look. As if that’s supposed to be helpful somehow.

So I replied:

“Are you an actor? Do you have experience in theater, or working on a movie? Maybe extra work, or maybe a Youtube video?”

Of course he replied no. So I pointed out that on the basis of having never seen her actually act and not having any experience of his own to go by, that he had no right to judge her.

This is when Stan chimed in.

“But Gal Godot is a model. As a general rule, models are ditzy and don’t make good actresses.”

“That’s not a general rule,” I replied. “That’s a stereotype.”

To which he came back at me with, “Are you a model?”

Oh, the cute little tactic of trying to turn someone’s argument against them. However, my argument is that you shouldn’t judge someone before you know them or know what they’re capable of. Judging someone’s acting talent when you haven’t seen any of their acting whatsoever is foolish. I have not made a blanket judgment about all models, I have made the decision to not judge someone based on a preconceived notion based on any misconceptions I may or may not have because of their career choice.

At this point it just became a futile exercise in trying to talk sense into two idiots and I gave up entirely before my day was ruined. If someone who is colorblind decides the sky isn’t blue, how can I convince them otherwise?

Maybe Gal will be a poor choice for the role of Wonder Woman, but personally, I hope she throws a Lasso of Truth around a new audience.


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