So If I Wind Up in Your Social Media

This is something I’m not entirely sure I’ve read correctly. Feel free to throw your two cents in but read the whole story first.

Today it was raining, but I didn’t have anywhere to be so I took a walk, in the rain. The air was cool and fresh and the rain felt great against my skin and not having the burden of a schedule to follow made the day all the more enjoyable. I decided to have lunch at the Essex Pizza Place in the Museum Place Mall.

My attention was divided between reading the paper and eating my pizza. But there was a woman sitting in the table across from me, eating what I guess was tuna salad while talking on her phone. Towards the end of my meal, I look up from the paper to see a flash. Her phone’s camera was pointed at me, but I honestly couldn’t tell at first if she had taken a picture or not, because I honestly don’t know if camera phones use a flash or not.

Where I was sitting, I had direct line of sight to Salem Vintage Photography in the mall, so I thought maybe that’s what I had seen and I pushed it out of my mind. But when I was finished with my pizza, I sat there a few minutes, finishing the paper as well and when I was ready to bring my stuff to the garbage can, I definitely saw not one, but two flashes coming from the woman’s camera phone, pointed in my direction.

How do I address something like that? Do I directly ask her if she was taking a picture of me? I wasn’t very distinctive, aside from wearing a shirt that was still largely soaked from being outside. I didn’t even have my deerstalker or any other feature that was terribly distinctive. My only real concern is that I might wind up looking like Charles Manson and this woman was hoping to get her fifteen minutes. But I let it go and went about my day.

So if you see me in someone’s Facebook page in a white shirt, that’s slightly stained from the pizza grease, let me know.


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