Have You Ever Inspired Someone?

My sister was born in 2003. She was a month early and she had a cleft palette that they were able to take care of with surgery. She also did not gain wait in the first few weeks because of breathing complications, so her first year was spent with a tube in her trachea that had to be frequently cleaned out with what I believe was a nebulizer, but I’m not sure.

From the get go the “professionals” were telling us how she would have speaking difficulties later in life. Because they saw her at barely one and a half and she wasn’t yet able to recite the Gettysburg Address.

The other day, I called Mollie, who is now eleven going on twelve. She had some news she was excited to tell me and she couldn’t wait for me to read the letter she had just finished when I rang.

Mollie: I won a writing contest.

Me: *Speechless for a second* That’s, amazing Mollie.

Mollie: Yeah, I entered at the last second before we (Her and my parents) went on vacation. Apparently I work well under pressure, because I just get really immersed in the story.

I didn’t exaggerate the words she was using. Mollie has been a reader from day one and every time I talk to her is a reminder that sometimes the professionals need to keep their opinions to themselves. I actually read one of her earlier stories which was actually really good for a first draft. Then when she told me the plot of the story she sent to the contest, I knew from just what I heard that she was probably a breath of fresh air to whoever judged that contest. Because she was doubting for a second, or at least trying to be modest, because there only ten children who had entered.

“But that’s great though,” I said. “That means you were chosen out of ten. Your story was the best out of ten stories entered and you shouldn’t sell yourself short on that.”

I told her how I was proud of her and how she made me so grateful to have her as my little sister. Mollie then returned the accolades.

“I’m so proud of you too. I love your paintings and I think it’s so cool that you were able to take mom to dinner one time because you made money writing online. I’m so glad to have you as a big brother. You inspire me.”



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