Peabody Essex Museum Wins on Game Day

The last time I visited the Peabody Essex Museum ended in this encounter. Shortly after my Yelp review, one of the directors sent me an apology for my experience and assured me that they are trying to get locals to take more of an interest in the museum. She asked me to please visit again and to consider changing my review.

My reply was that I would not alter the review of the experience or the rating, because I felt that people who were planning to spend the vacation money they probably saved over a long period of time, should know about this experience and factor it in to their plans. However, I promised that if I were to visit the museum again and have a much better experience than the one before, I would write a new review and rate it accordingly.

When the advertising went out to announce that the museum would be having “Game night” on the 21st, I was fortunate enough to have that day off. And the experience was definitely a hundred and twenty-five percent more improved over my encounter with the overzealous ticket agent.

My favorite feature of the museum is the atrium, which is spacious and naturally lit. When I heard the sounds of David Gahan imploring me to enjoy the silence, I knew the evening was going to be a pleasant one. There was a “live action” Pacman game set up in atrium, with foam tubes set up to form a maze. Children were invited to use the remote control Pacman and Ghost, which I tried to get a video of focusing just on the game itself, but the kids kept getting into the shot. I didn’t want to look like some weird guy taking videos of kids, so I abandoned the effort.

The tables each had a Rubik’s Cube and a deck of Uno cards. Sadly, no one wanted to play Uno, but I did have some fun fiddling with a cube as I ate a really good salad from the museum cafeteria. After about a half hour I kind of burned out, but it wasn’t a disappointing night. There was great 80’s music and the atmosphere was fun and an inviting.


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