My Original Review of the True Blood Energy Drink ~ Originally Published in 2010

Ever since True Blood: Season One came out on DVD fans have wondered two things: Will I see anyone naked and will they come out with a Tru:Blood energy drink?

Tru:Blood – for those of you who still like the idea of your vampires sparkling and lusting after high school girls – is the artificial blood substitute created by author Charlaine Harris and introduced in her series of novels known as the Sookie Stackhouse Mysteries. The invention of this new artificial blood is what allows vampires to “come out of the coffin” since they are no longer required to feed on humans to survive.

Throughout the series we see Bill Compton, played by Stephen Moyer, drinking Tru:Blood at social events, which according to Moyer’s commentary tastes a bit like passion fruit.

During the year long wait for Season Two (Because not everyone has HBO) fans debated over what Tru: Blood would actually taste like if the drink were to be released as a beverage. Obviously blood itself is out of the question. But the next obvious move would be to make it an energy drink, which is all the rage these days and is practically a dime a dozen.

Fans finally got the answer to this debate when Season Two was released on DVD. In stores like FYE, 14 ounce bottles of the signature beverage lined the display shelves with the box sets. The price varies from four to six dollars USD, but the current promotion at the time of this article offers a deal at five dollars if you also buy the DVD. (You marketing execs know certainly how to tickle our pickles)

Being the fanboy that I am, I actually bought two bottles of the stuff. I was basically expecting another Red Bull or Monster clone like the ones you can buy online for promotional events. You know, the ones that leave your heart racing faster than eye contact with Donald Trump.

But, I was surprised to see on the bottom of the label that they actually used blood orange as the main ingredient, which is sweet, but doesn’t need to be chilled right away. So not acai berry, not guarana seed extract, and not a bigger dose of vitamain B than you would need to give a blue whale a heart attack. Blood orange is an actual fruit that’s sweeter than regular oranges and has all of the same benefits.

On the first sip I’m actually impressed. It’s sweet. It actually tastes like it says it’s going to. I could actually get to like this stuff.

Now I’m sipping it slowly. Because I tried a very similar product called Blood, which came in a cool IV style pouch. But after drinking too much in one morning I had a massive anxiety attack from the sudden energy rush. This was entirely my fault but at the same time, not a very pleasant experience.

Thankfully the Tru:Blood drink did not produce this side effect in my body. Even after I drank the second bottle, I didn’t feel the trademark jitters that comes from drinking Red Bull or Monster, nor did I get the nasty aftertaste that comes with drinking either of those beverages.

Tru:Blood does contain some of the same ingredients as Monster and Red Bull. But the sodium content is encouraging for people on a low sodium diet. Add that to the presence of Folic Acid, an important nutrient that encourages the creation of new blood.

Holy Blood Lust Batman! An energy drink that contains a vital nutrient! With a side effect that might actually encourage it’s target audience to buy it with it’s practicality? How has this not become more popular than Harry Potter’s Butterbeer? Maybe the price is a turn off. At the moment you can only order it online and any retailer is going to have a mark up, so the novelty will wear off quick. While I wouldn’t recommend freebasing off of this stuff, I dare say that Tru:Blood is actually the healthier energy drink.


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