Nobody Did What Anybody Could Have Done

“Associate to spill on aisle 11.”

That was just as I was taking my fifteen minute break, so I put it out of my mind. Fifteen minutes later, I was searching for supplies to perform a task that the assistant manager had assigned to me and I pass aisle 11. Was it spotless? If you said yes, then you’ve never worked in a retail environment with a bunch of high school kids. (Before you accuse me of discriminating, I assure you, the adults aren’t winning points either)

This was not a minor spill. This wasn’t a box of cereal or Skittles that got all over the place. This wasn’t like the kitty litter incident although the same lack of proportion was applied in the announcement. This spill was a jar of spaghetti sauce. Not a tiny jar either, but a rather average sized jar of the perfectly seasoned taste of a nation.

What’s worst is that there were four employees standing close by. Sabersave has a “See It, Clean it” policy and if these guys could not see this spill than they need to be sent home until a doctor can confirm their eyes are functioning. Not only did no one take the initiative to clean up this spill in the now twenty minutes that it had been there, but when I asked an employee to please keep an eye on the spill while I went to get spill powder, a wet floor sign, a broom and dustpan, I was quite frankly not all that surprised to find that he was not there when I returned. Nor were any of the employees who could have taken five minutes out of their day to take care of this rather manageable spill.

To further illustrate the problem, there was a little girl of about two years old running around with flip flops on and no socks. In that very short space of twenty-minutes, our company could have easily spotlight away from the store that had previously been on strike for the last month if that girl had either slipped in the sauce, or, gotten herself cut on one of the many large shards of glass all over the floor.

People wonder why I get so cynical about the places I work and they have the audacity to criticize me for calling out such blatantly lazy behavior. This is why.


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