Well I have 61 issues and all of them are you

There’s an unfair standard that I have lived with my whole life and that is the idea that if I address the way in which someone else is screwing me over, I get penalized. People can treat me however they wish and all I can do is thank them for their time. So I bit my tongue over this, but don’t think for a second that I was happy with how I was jerked around today.

Last night, my application for a performer’s license got approved. But I should have known that it was too easy and that the difficult part was yet to come. Because they told us to stop by the next day to get our license.

I called this morning to see when would be a good time to come in. The lady on the phone said, “Anytime before 4.”

I showed about twenty minutes later, which was well before 4 and covered under the blanket of “anytime”. They even asked me for my name so, to quote the lady, “It will be ready when you get here.”
I show up at the office and the lady who was on the board last night is there. She gets pissy with me and hands me a business card, telling me to “come back on Friday.” She said that the licenses weren’t ready and that she had, to quote her, “60 issues from last night to deal with” and proceeded to act as though I were inconveniencing her, when all she had to do was tell us when an appropriate time would be the night before.

I bit my tongue. Now I have to figure out if it will be possible to come in on Friday because lo and behold I have to work that day. That means depending on when the licensing board is open, I might have to wait until Tuesday, my next day off on a business day, in order to get my license. And what then? Will I be told that the license has been ready for me this whole time?


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