The Internet Is One Big Glass House

For around five years, I was a member of a site called It was a great place to vent about the perils of working in any aspect of the customer service industry and although there were new members everyday, it’s fair to say that the community was fairly close nit. At the very least, if you are an active part of a community for that length of time, you would expect that the other regular members would have a fair idea as to the direction of your moral compass.

Not so.

One of my last threads there, I promoted my comedy event. In the post I said something along the lines of, “And for those of you who are under 21, if you want me to slip you something then arranger for me to-ah, I mean, under age drinking is illegal. Behave yourselves.”

Now in certain contexts, of course that kind of joking can be a turnoff. Especially if you’re new to a group and those present have no idea how to take you. Let me explain something.

That which results as a result of drinking while underage is certainly no joking matter, as it can lead to other dangerous behaviors such as driving while intoxicated. Kids with the barest concept of right and wrong can do horrendous things while drunk and in no way do I intend to condone such behavior. Nor should it have been taken as a sign that I, to quote the moderator, “condoned illegal behavior”.

Also, why would I joke about something like that, only to actually commit the behavior later on? Wouldn’t that be shooting myself in the foot to joke about a behavior, which could be used to incriminate me should something go wrong at the very event which I was performing?

The context in which I made the statement was humorous and should have been taken as such. In fact, the original reason they took the post down was not the actual joke itself, but because the event was for profit and required 20$ at the door. They only decided to trump up the “condoning of illegal activity” after I argued that other members posted similar events that required money to attend without an issue. This hypocrisy finally led to me telling them that if they were going to take something I said out of context like that, then they should just delete my account entirely.

Why am I bringing it up now, do you ask? Shouldn’t I just move on and not let these people have a second more of my time? Probably, but, one thing I’m sick of is someone using their position to bully me. Sometimes the best way to answer bullying is to stand up to them and name them for what they are and to do so in so public a fashion as to send a message that you will not be pushed around.

It’s hard enough dealing with a new bully. However, someone whom you have formed a relationship over the years is even harder because the betrayal is such a sharp knife in the back that you’re surprised you didn’t see it coming. If you can’t properly address the behaviors of someone you once thought you knew and loved, how can you go into a new situation and not be worried that the same thing will happen again? So for that reason I bring to you the hypocrisy that is Customers

Joking about serving alcohol to under age peoples should certainly be addressed. If it makes you uncomfortable, I apologize. But again it’s not my intention to imply that actually would serve alcohol to minors as my criminal record is pretty clean. I also remind you that at one point I actually saved the bottom line of a company I worked for by successfully passing a sting operation, which would have forced the store to lose their license for enough of a length of time that it would have crippled them.

However, one thing I have never joked about is rape. Most would agree with me, especially in this day and age, that joking about rape is insensitive to the victims and desensitizes the nature of the crime. Which is why I link you to a number of posts on Customers Suck that would appear to condone such behavior.

Irving Patrick Freleigh

Oh and apparently murdering children is funny too. This one takes the cake. I’ll leave you to search the website on your own and decide if you believe this kind of “humor” is something you want to perpetuate.


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