The Small Wins

It wasn’t an audition as such. But when I went into that meeting of the licensing board to obtain a license that would allow me to tell jokes on the street with a bucket at my feet for the donations, my intent was to make someone laugh. I had a small two minute routine set for the day and as always, I had people with their well intentioned suggestions telling me what I could do for that two minutes.

Fortunately I did not, as I never do, need anyone’s advice on that day. I showed up about ten minutes before the meeting began and met up with a couple of other street performers. Guitar players mostly. Unlike my time as a tarot reader on Church Street in Burlington, this didn’t feel like I would be in competition with anyone. The musicians and I got along fairly well and from the get go, I was making them laugh as we waited for the meeting to begin. All I was doing was being myself and saying the first thing that came to mind.

I still have to wait to get the physical license, but the important thing is that I did what I had set out to do. I made at least one person laugh. It wasn’t forced laughter, they had no reason to humor me.

As always, I take what I can get and hope for more.


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