One For the Road

As always, I will give you the fact, but this feels like a win. Judge for yourself.

I was walking home from work today doing the most unattractive thing I can think of: Eating store bought fried chicken.  On the way down Death Race Road I paused to finish deboning a piece of chicken when a landscaper stopped in the road for red light right. Simultaneously, a woman who probably my age or a few years older walked by. I only noticed her after I noticed the perv in the passenger side of the landscaping company’s truck who had said, “Hey, what’s up gorgeous?”

Without missing a beat, I swallowed what was in my mouth and said, “I’m doing fine, how about yourself?”

The passenger and the driver both busted a gut at my quick wit.

“Well, someone responded at least.” The passenger said.

The woman must have heard me, because she laughed and turned her head just long enough to smile in my direction before continuing on her way. I returned the smile. Please understand, the unspoken communication was very likely only this.

“Thanks for taking the attention off of me.”

“No problem.”

Again though, I’ll leave you, faithful reader, to be the judge.


One thought on “One For the Road

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