Stories You May Not Have Heard 1: The Naughty Chair

This should really be a #ThrowbackThursday post, but I’ll post it whenever the hell I want. This also breaks my “things that happened in the last 48 hours” policy, but I haven’t taken that terribly seriously lately.

I went to Christian Alliance preschool when I was four. There was special chair for kids to sit in when they had been “naughty” and I’m not entirely sure what the criteria for sitting there was. Because one kid got a hold of a bottle of perfume and spilled it in the sandbox and he got off scot free.

The thing that stands out to me to this day is that I was never placed in the chair. The biggest punishment I ever got was that I never got to participate in show and tell. And the only thing I distinctly remember from the teacher was a vague line about “not paying attention”. This puzzles me because her daughter, who was in my class, somehow always paid attention and always got to do show-and-tell.

Anyway, one day I guess I was feeling left out, so I put myself in the naughty chair. That was it, there was no major story behind it and no one questioned me really. One kid found it strange and went to tell the teacher, but, what was the endgame there? “Teacher, Nathanielle is being naughty by sitting in the thing that was designated for just that purpose.”


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