I may have burned the bridge, but they poured the gasoline

SaberSave was losing a phenomenal amount of business to their competitor. Lets face it, Market Basket is the superior store in a lot of ways, mainly in that they obviously inspire a lot of confidence and loyalty in their hard working employees. Even the management actually manages to care about the people working for them, so it’s no wonder that the strike went on for as long as it did and that their CEO was able to get his job back, simply by treating each other like human beings. SaberSave proved that they did not care if I lived or died, by repeatedly cutting my hours back until there would have been no feasible way for me to support myself on the pittance they paid me.

They did this for everyone, but sorry, the idea of “I’m not alone” has never been comforting to me. If I were in a room I could not escape and the oxygen were rapidly depleting, and I knew the horrible and violent death that awaited me, telling me, “Well Nathanielle, you’re not alone in there. There’s forty other people breathing oxygen with you.” is not going to help me get through this.

So when this week’s schedule came out and they told me they were taking another shift away from me, I told them, “You either need to give me another shift or I’m quitting.”

They said go ahead. Obviously they felt superior and comfortable in their position. I wonder then, how they felt, when I stopped at the floral department on my way out of the store and picked up the phone, dialed the PA system and said, “Attention Saber Save customers: The mop I use to clean the bathrooms is the same mop they make me use to clean the entire store, including the bakery. Bon appetite.”


9 thoughts on “I may have burned the bridge, but they poured the gasoline

  1. Betcha Didn't Know I can Change Your Anonymous Screenname

    If you knew it was wrong to use the same mop, why do it? Cause they told you too? Well if they told you to jump off a bridge (which seems you’d prob be better off) would you do it? Seriously though you are a rat! So glad you no longer work at Sabersave!

    1. Nathanielle Sean Crawford Post author

      Did it occur to you that it was the only mop available and in order to keep a crappy job, sometimes you have to do crappy things even when you know it’s a bad idea? What kind of secure little world do you live in where you never have to make such decisions? Where you never have to suck it up and turn the other cheek, because you have bills to pay because no one else is standing by with toilet tissue to wipe your ass for you?

      People like you who hide behind your anonymous screen names think that you have your fingers on the pulse of how this world works. But at the end of the day you are a flesh and bone human being just like the rest of us, and if you ever wind up in a situation like mine where every paycheck is the difference between a full stomach and living on the streets, trust me, you’ll shape up pretty quick or the Wifi connection that you only bought a small coffee to use will be the least of your problems.

  2. Mincing Coward

    I’m just stating the obvious that all you do is complain on a DAILY basis. Your never happy at any job, and instead of manning up and handling a situation YOURSELF, you are always ratting people out and going to management (which btw would get sick of you too).
    I saw this post just by chance I never ever come read this BS, I notice most of the time no one comments, did you ever think to maybe just get a diary (like little girls) and write things down, and not put your problems on the internet? Cause really, most of the time it seems like your whining. MAN UP

    1. Nathanielle Sean Crawford Post author

      Man up? Really, is that what you’re doing right now, “Devil666”. And what do you do for a living that makes so morally superior that you feel comfortable judging others?

      You never come read this “BS” but you obviously read enough to tell me I should stop whining. Well go ahead and suffer in silence if that’s what you like to do. I suppose if you get the shit beat out of you by your boyfriend/girlfriend/whatever you’ll also just sit there and take it to prove your love.

      Personally, I don’t let bullies decide the standards by which I live. There’s probably time for you to grow up and decide where you stand, in the meantime, I’ll go ahead and post whatever I like and when someone treats me like shit, this is exactly where I’ll post.

      You don’t know me, you don’t know anything about me, and you certainly wouldn’t conceit to stick your head out of your safe little environment long enough to get to know me. On the other hand, I have people who actually do give a shit about me. So why in the hell should I even let you take another second of my day?

      Go ahead, prove to me how much better you are than me by posting your mean spirited and utterly ignorant reply.

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