Oh My Time Lord, Have I been Regenerating all this time?

Let me begin with a brief word for those who are not in the know on Doctor Who.

The Doctor is a Time Lord, an Alien from the planet Gallifrey who is very long lived. But when his body is about to die or is injured beyond its natural ability to heal, he and the other members of the Oligarchic rulers of Gallifrey have the ability to regenerate, extending their lives for another untold amount of time. This transformation, while sometimes violent and other times quietly inconvenient, changes their bodies right down to the cellular level so that even their personality is completely different from body to body.

When Doctor Who was re-introduced to a new audience in the year 2005, I had just come off of a year and half long stint with Job Corps. I was finding my footing in Burlington, Vermont and trying to survive in an ever changing world complete with a cast of characters that changed with the times and presented me with both allies and villains.

The first actor to hold the role in the New Series was Christopher Ecclestein as the Doctor’s 9th body. Fresh from his time as The War Doctor during the Time War, 9 was bitter and deeply scarred by his experiences and desperately trying to find comfort in the only planet he could call home: Earth.

By the end of that year, I moved to a different part of Burlington. I had a second job and eventually I was promoted to my very first supervisory position. Around that same time, 9 regenerated into 10 and David Tennant took the role. A lot of different things happened during 10’s run and like him, I experienced many different things. Many different people came into my life and went just as quickly but I also had a new mindset. I took up painting and found new comforts in the environment that surrounded me, including Lake Champlain, which provided me endless inspiration as well as beauty and comfort.

The four years I lived in Burlington were some of the most formative of my adult life, especially when I rented my first apartment. It placed me in the center of the city, where I was able to pursue a fairly successful career as a street performer/tarot reader.

Then Matt Smith came to call. Just like the series when the 11th Doctor took over, my life became something entirely different. I went from being comfortable in a house with luxuries and comforts to becoming something of a vagabond. Taking jobs when I could, living with different people and trying to find a place where I belonged and could thrive. I finally found Salem and that brought and is continuing to bring it’s own set of challenges and obstacles.

We have a new Doctor now and once again it seems as though my life has changed. Like the Doctor however, my mind has also changed with each of these experiences. I still feel a sense of despair, like I’m not quite sure I belong in the world that surrounds me. There’s always something distinctly different about me that either endears or puts others off, whatever my intentions. Sometimes I am successful in my interactions with others but at the end of the day, my feelings and thoughts are as alien to the populace as it would be if a second heart did beat in my chest.

Though I haven’t seen any of Peter Capaldi’s work as The Doctor (and please hold off on spoilers) I am left to wonder what this world has in store for me now. What is this new regeneration going to bring to me and more importantly, have I used up all of my chances?


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