The Three Week Noose

So here’s the main problem with TheStore. There’s only a three week probationary period. This week I only have three shifts and there is a lot to remember. I don’t just mean the general store related things you have to learn and master, but there is a lot of arbitrary information that the Bossman wants me to have completely memorized by the end of three weeks.

I could outsell everyone on all of the suggestive selling merchandise. I could increase our ratings by a hundred and fifty percent. But if I don’t have the all of the stuff he wants me to memorize down and etched into the back of my eyeballs then I am gone.

Please don’t chime in with, “Oh, I’m sure he doesn’t mean it.” That and, “Showing up is the biggest part of the job” are some of the most annoying pieces of advice I get from people who don’t actually work in the places where I have the most problems.

I am going to do the best I can. But however positive my attitude is, however hard I try, there is a possibility that I will not be up to snuff for The Bossman’s standards. All I can do right now is do the best I can do and I’m so sorry if that won’t be any consolation at the end of three weeks.


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