The Noose Has Been Loosened

Ahead of time, I am so sorry I am complaining about work once again. I know there are Blog Trolls out there who are taking time out of their busy day of threatening successful women in the gaming industry and posting their vast scientific knowledge on Youtube clips of “Let it Go” to read my blog, on the off chance that I’ll make a post that so enrages them that they actually think I give a shit if they don’t want to hear me complain.

Here’s the thing, if you have been reading from day one, you know that this is as much an exorcism of all of my negative feelings as it is my right as an individual to express myself in a way that doesn’t leave children scarred for life.

So Blog Troll, Blog Troll, whoever you may be, this is the last note you’ll get from the blogger that is me. Go post your shit where they have an ignore button and please, let the door hit your ass as hard as possible on the way out.

That said, let us begin.

The Three Weeks thing is a guideline, I guess. My customer service skills are speaking volumes apparently and I think it helps that it is a small store with only a handful of employees, all who are aware of their place in the store. So no one is going to speak out of turn, or presume to tell me how to do my job when their only experience is breathing for longer me.

That is not to say I can’t screw up in other ways, but knowing that they are focusing on the positives and are willing to build on that is extremely helpful.


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