The Best Skywars Servers

It’s time for search engine bait. When an adult spends any amount of time talking about the games he has played, it can be a risky venture because you take the chance of being negatively labeled by the majority. Obviously an adult who has enough time on his hands to play a game as addicting as Minecraft can’t have too much else going on. But oh well, I can’t stop people from coming to their own conclusions, so for the sake of argument lets just say that I do play and enjoy Minecraft and though it probably consumes slightly more time than it should in my life, this post and others on this topic, are going to be rare. They exist solely for the purpose of generating the views and hopefully landing a few more readers.

Also, since the title of this post was very specific, the majority of those who clicked on this will very likely know about Minecraft at least. This post refers to Skywars, one of the many mini-games developed for the online multiplayer aspect of Minecraft.

Here’s a Let’s Play video from a popular online gaming team that gives a great visual example of Skywars. I can’t vouch for it’s work safeness in terms of what the producers talk about, so use your judgment. Essentially it’s the Survival Games with a much more level playing field. Every player gets an island and a box containing various weapons, armor, and other items that can be used against the other players. The main goal is to be the last person to survive.

You can do this by building bridges to the other player’s island and killing them directly, firing arrows at them from the safety of your own island, or any number of creative and intense ways. Depending on the server, there may be a main “middle” island with more resources and chests to exploit, but there are no guarantees. For the purposes of this post, I’m only going to focus on the three servers that I have come to enjoy and their pros and cons.

Aem Servers

Server Address:

AEM server is always getting new players, but there are quite a few regulars. For the most part the regulars are decent people who strive to keep the server clean and safe for all ages. In fact, it’s the server where I got into this debate. There is a report feature and the admins to their best to keep the lunatics out, but of course there can be entire lengths of time between when the admins are there and when they are not. So use your ignore command whenever necessary and report bad behavior like cheating whenever you can. It’s really the best thing you can do.

The maps are simple and easy to figure out.

Like all servers, AEM accepts donations from players to keep the server running and this offers perks to some players depending on how much and for how long they donate. This can be a bit annoying to players who don’t necessarily have the extra income lying around to donate, as Elite players have access to extra kits like souped up armor and enderpearls that make game play easier for them, but less fun for the rest. This is part of the reason why I no longer play there, but that shouldn’t prevent you from at least trying it out.

When the school season starts, the server can be pretty much dead in the mornings and evenings.

MC Legends

Server Address:

Legends is a great experience over all for new and old players alike. All players are equal, including Elite and Donators, although there are few exclusive kits for these ranks. Each player has a “free” kit to choose from and enderpearls can be found in some of the chests, depending on the island you start with. So everything is very level and fair and you only have your own level of experience and quick thinking to help you win.

One common thread in the servers is the maps have a set number of players. In AEM, you and the other players can vote to start the game early. MC Legends doesn’t force you to wait, so on those days when the server is particularly empty and there’s only you and four other players, you don’t have to wait until the map is full to start the game. The countdown begins automatically when there are two players or more at the beginning.

There are far more admins here so some of the deviant behavior you’ll encounter on the AEM servers is far less tolerated.


Server Address:

Biocraft also has some great maps. But the main thing that separates this from the previous two servers is that you have a chance to mine more resources, if you decide you have the time and focus to do this. So depending on the map you’re in, you could have a whole mine full of diamonds on your starter island that you can convert to weapons and armor.

Everyone gets a kit and if you vote for the server, you get access to all of the kits for ten minutes. So like Legends, Donators and Elite all have the same chances that you do and start off on level playing ground. The admins are very watchful and will investigate any and all claims of poor behavior instantly.

The primary con here is that there is no voting system to start the game early. So if you and six other players are waiting for two more to start the map, you could be there for a while. Editing to add that apparently certain moderators do get special privileges that can make gameplay seem unfair. Either that, or there are certain moderators cheating or using genuine hacks. One of the “Chat Mods” was using some kind of invisibility mod, that is not a part of any of the kits I noticed. Even the potion only hides the player’s skin and not any armor or items they may be wearing/carrying so this feels more like a hack. If anyone wants to chime in on is, feel free.

Players who are new to Skywars couldn’t go wrong by trying either of these servers out. Please share this post, like it, tell a friend, and feel free to post your own server and experiences in the comments section.


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