Two Roads Diverged (Now With Visual Aids!)

People sometimes accuse me of over thinking things. This isn’t as annoying as when someone acts as though I haven’t thought about it at all. The most recent example of this is from two weeks ago, when I was doing my cashier training.

A customer asked where a well known coffee shop was located and it just happened to be in the same block of buildings as TheStore. See the video attached for the full visual experience.

Obviously, my coworker has more experience in the world. This is a politically correct way of saying she signed George Washington’s yearbook. But when she gave directions that were opposite to mine only in the sense that there is no sidewalk along her route and then acted like I was the stupid one, how am I supposed to react in that situation?

I don’t mean I argued with her, of course, I dropped the subject right then and there as experience has well schooled me. But what am I supposed to think of someone’s problem solving ability when they tell you that you can only spell DAD forwards but not backwards?


3 thoughts on “Two Roads Diverged (Now With Visual Aids!)

  1. Luverly Jubberly

    LOL, hilarious video.
    Why do you need to argue about it?
    Couldn’t you just point out the difference to the customer, saying one will take you past through the alley at the back of the store, and one around the front, but they are about the same length to walk.

    FWIW I don’t see your coworker as giving “opposite” directions, just an alternate path. Maybe she perceives it as shorter or for some reason has a preference. Did you ask her why she would go around the back of the store instead of the front?

    You *are* over thinking things, and to go to the extent of masking a video to “prove” you are right…
    Save yourself some stress and learn to filter out the small stuff.

    Best of luck.

    1. Nathanielle Sean Crawford Post author

      To answer your question, I did try to reason with my coworker after the customer had gone, and every customer who asked for directions afterwards I told to go my way, but this coworker was not interested in listening to my point of view. So she, like others, is now fodder for the blog.

      What makes your point of view superior to mine exactly? How is my blogging about the incident in question any different from you taking time out of your day to criticize my mindset?

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