Ghosts of Halloween Past

Every company has it’s own policy towards holidays. Some stores let you dress up for Halloween, as long as it doesn’t interfere with your work or you don’t wear anything offensive.

When I was working for Staples, they passed a form around so we could vote on different themes of costume we could all wear as a team. Among the suggestions were “dressing like the 80’s, or 70’s.”

This always seems like a lazy cop out to me, but the younger employees were talking favorably about the idea of dressing like you were born in another decade. To which I pointed out, “Yeah, but there really isn’t a lot of distinction between then and now in terms of clothes. If we go with that theme you might as well just wear your ordinary clothes.”

“Yeah, that’s what I was thinking!” One of my coworkers replied, apparently mistaking my remark for enthusiasm.

So I think that’s what most of us wound up doing that year. My favorite Halloween in the workplace is still that time I worked at Rite Aid and I dressed in a “Death” costume, with the mesh mask that you could see through but no one could see you. It made selling cigarettes more bearable somehow.

There I was, not saying a word, dressed as the Reaper. I would point to a customer and they would order their deathsticks. I would just quietly ring up their purchase and really that was just the coolest Halloween ever.


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